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Get ready for some world domination. Make use of intensive strategy in this class board game where players compete to occupy all the territory on the board to win the game! Risk it all or risk nothing at all in this original board game from Hasbro. Get ready as players set about to take over the world in this game of strategy to be crowned the ultimate leader in global domination! It is all about who is willing to take the biggest Risk in this classic game. Choose your strategy carefully and dominate the board, remember when playing Risk, the goal is simple; players aim to conquer their enemies by either attacking or forming alliances. Remember, when it comes to victory, it's an all out assault, stay vigilant at all times! Whether you're claiming North Africa or Asia, make sure you build an army and move your troops into the right places for when the time is right to engage in battle. Filled with alliances, surprise attacks and betrayal Risk is a great game for family and friends alike. In order to win, claim a territory by defeating all the enemy troops. The player who completes his or her secret mission first- and reveals the Secret Mission card to prove it- wins. Includes: 7 dice, a deck of 42 cards, 5 sets of colored units, 5 capitals, 15 cities, a parts sheet and instructions. Also includes two 2-sided target boards, 4 tracks, 4 scoring boards, 8 side rails, 3 blocker rails, 16 roller pawns, 16 scoring pawns and rules.

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