WATER LIP STAIN - 03 Red Water - Travel Size


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Clarins Water Lip Stain - 03 Red Water is a lip gloss in a unique water formula that is super easy and comfortable on the lips. The innovative water texture makes it easy to apply on the lips, giving a wildly durable result where the color does not contaminate but stays seated where it is going. Nutritional ingredients like organic aloe vera and organic raspberry water soften and provide intense moisture as well as nourishment to the lips. A unique anti-pollution complex protects your lips from contamination and other external factors. 03 Red Water is a modern red color, it looks a little neon red on the brush but resembles a classic red color by application.


- Lip gloss
- Unique water formula
- Easy and comfortable
- Innovative texture
- Easy to apply
- Durable, kiss secured
- Organic aloe vera, organic raspberry
- Intense moisture as well as nutrition
- Anti-pollution complex
- Beautiful pink color
- A fresh raspberry scent

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