4-LِAYER GOLD RIGID 120 pcs Chocolates


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Godiva 4-layer Gold Rigid 150pcs Chocolates offer a decadent variety of flavors in one package.

These chocolates come in five different layers of rich, smooth, and creamy milk, dark, and white chocolate.

The chocolates are individually packaged in a beautiful gold and topped off with the signature Godiva ribbon.

Made from the finest European cocoa beans, each of the 120 pieces of chocolate provide a burst of flavor that satisfies even the most discerning connoisseur.

With a taste of both crunchy and sweet in each bite, these chocolates can be enjoyed on their own or as an accompaniment to coffee, tea, or dessert.

Gift a box of these beautiful chocolates to a special loved one or keep them on hand for snacking. Either way, they are sure to please.

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