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What is the true identity of oud?

While the ingredient can have many characteristics- sharp, rich, warm, medicinal, pungent, spicy- it's true nature transcends specific notes and becomes something more alluringly abstract- a sense of mystery, exoticism, romance and supernatural presence. This is at the core of Fantastic Oud, in many ways a culmination of Montale's illustrious work with the material, a sumptuous feast for the senses. This rich, nuanced and warm fragrance reveals notes of rose, patchouli, tobacco, incense and styrax that merge with the voluptuous notes of leather, sandalwood and ambergris revealing the rawest character of oud. In other words, it's every facet of oud, masterfully blended together to offer something for everyone in a hypnotically smooth, spicy, rich, warm, fresh, lush, seductive package. Whether you're a newcomer to Montale's ouds or you own them all, you're sure to fall in love with Fantastic Oud.

Fantastic Oud  Notes

Incense, styrax, tobacco, oud, rose, patchouli, leather, sandalwood, amber

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