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Lightness, instinct, sensuality

It is a fragrance, with exquisite curves and gourmand accents, to the cascading laughter and thrills of young girls. An unprecedented fragrance dedicated to life’s explorers.

A fragrance with a vibrant intensity

A magnetic apple in blue and night hues. A leather tie delicately surrounds the neck while two quivering and determined golden leaves, abound with fine promises.

Bold, irresistible and mysterious. Opting for a daring candied everlasting flower, a gourmand woody floral.

The flight is beautiful. A captivating duo. Juicy and bright. Orange blossom and wild berries are tamed.

Right in the heart. Noble and proud, white everlasting flower is intoxicated with caramel. A new experience, a rare addiction. Subtle toasted notes and honey accents.

Then carnal vanilla intrigues sandalwood. Vibrant and insolent sensuality.


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