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Flamenco is a powerful oriental perfume which opens with an adrenalin rush of orange blossom that flows into the passionate, voluptuous combination of Spanish and Bulgarian roses. In the rose accord lies (petalia), a synthetic molecule that accentuates the rose and extends the life of the beautiful aroma.

Seductive jasmine introduces the wearer to the violet heart of the fragrance. A silky blend of cedar, amber, cypress and fir woods conjure the rhythmic guitar - the lifeblood of Flamenco - before a touch of Ramons signature iris root meets with a final theatrical flurry of youthful, fiery fruits strawberry and raspberry juxta posed against a unique musk and an addictive gourmand note of veltol, candyfloss and fudge.

This is a scent to transport the wearer - to inspire, enliven, enrich and elevate, full of fire, passion and romance.


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